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Grill Corta

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Last update: 06.05.2009
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If you enter Croatia from the Republic of Slovenija, Savudrija peninsula,  the western-most and first tourist site on the Istrian coast will await you. It is known for its boats, hung when not used on wooden poles by the shore and for the 29- meter-high lighthouse dating from the beginning of the 19th century. It is covered with pine and cypress trees, offering its visitors the experience of untouched nature. This is one of the greenest parts of Istria, featuring many small parks.
Nearby lies the coastal town of Savudrija, an old fishermen's village and a tourist resort. It is the entrance to the riviera of Umag. It's economy is based on fishing and farming. The town was first mentioned in 1177.

Tourism activities of the Bujstina region have their roots in this area. It was Savudrija, which was chosen by Austro-Hungarians to be one of the destinations for their holidays and curing. Many villas and summer residences located near the sea prove that in those times numerous tourists had been resting and gathering strength here, just as they are doing nowadays.
Many villas and boarding houses existed already in the begining of the 20th century. The construction of the seaside health resort Grazer Anna Kinderspital (1908) was very important for tourism. Although the Graz Municipality had it built primarily for Styrian children, the health resort was also frequented by children from other parts of Austria. In 1925, Gamboc boarding house was erected, today called Moj Mir (My Peace).

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Mojmir Terrace - live music

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Along with exceptional natural resources (easily accessible rocky coast, clear seawater, pleasant water and air temperatures in spring, summer and autumn), the development of summer holiday tourism was much facilitated by the rich cultural and historical heritage of Savudrija and its surroundings. Visitors may choose between various types of accommodations: hotel annexes, bungalows, apartments, rooms, campsites. Variety of options from luxury villas to the camp ground ''Pineta'' complete the picture of this exceptionally attractive summer resort area.

Many sports and recreational opportunities are offered, both on the mainland (hiking trails, jogging, cycling, tennis, football, basketball, handball) and in the sea (swimming, windsurfing); panoramic flights by hang gliders are also offered in nearby Katoro water sports center. There is a wide selection of entertainment opportunities  and dance evenings on summer terraces and discotheques and gastronomic offer is exceptionally rich: exquisite seafood, local cuisine like fish specialties, shell fish, and particularly lobster, basted with good Istrian wine, will make the experience complete. Traditional festivities include the folk fiesta dedicated to St. Mary Magdalene in the village of Zambratija (end of July) and the Savudrija Nights (in August).

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According to available information and local stories, the lighthouse Savudrija was built by count Meternich in 1818 for a beautiful Croatian noble woman in whom he fell love with at a Viennese ball. Unfortunately, the owners never got the chance to live together in the building: the noble woman died on the very day the lighthouse was finished and count Meternich never visited it again.
Over the last years the lighthouse in Savudrija has become a famous sightseeing point. It is also the most northern Croatian lighthouse, situated right next to Slovenian border and only 56 km south of Italian town Trieste. Closest tourist center and famous destination for tennis lovers - Umag, is situated only 9 km away. The lighthouse also has a good traffic connection with the surrounding area. Its light signal can be seen from up to 17 NM or 32 kilometers distance.

The waters arround SAVUDRIJA peninsula offer ideal conditions with steady trade winds, warm water temperatures, and a variety of accesses to the sea. The calm waters of the Ravna dolina (Plane valley) lagoon are perfect for practicing the first moves, and there is always enough wind for novices, making Ravna dolina an ideal location to learn the sport. There is a different wind blowing on each side of the peninsula: the northern wind bura, for beginners, the southern wind  yugo vhich could blow for a few days in the row and make pretty big waves, and the westerly 'hurricane' wind tramontana (only for expert surfers). The average wind speed is 10-20 mph nearly every day. If there is no wind at one side of peninsula, you just try it on the other side, so there is no rest for wind surfers at all. The best wind conditions for surfers are in May, September, October and November.

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